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Body builder Dennis Tinerino in his youth (1960s), in his prime (1970s), and visiting his old friend and competitor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, in the 2000s.

May 2023


I’m thinking today what an amazing Christlike giant of the Faith Dennis was and still is. His ministry is still reverberating through the earth even though he is now a full time Resident and Citizen of Heaven. Dennis was an amazing man, father, husband, brother and mighty prophetic warrior who set in motion something awesome on the earth before he went to His Eternal Reward in His Heavenly Home. I have said before that he is the most Christlike ministry I have had the privilege to be a part of Like Jesus, he always found time for the unknown seemingly unimportant ones even though he had a crowd of people, many famous and poweful vying for his attention. Someone told me he once forgot to attend a lunch with Arnold and George Clooney because he got so caught up ministering Jesus to a bellman in the hotel lobby. By the time he remembered he was an hour late. Dennis truly thought on Heavens timetable and priority; he was unmoved by the glamor of fame and fortune, even though he lived and moved amongst it on a regular basis. He valued every man's soul equally and was always attentive to what the Spirit was telling him to do. He spent his pre-Christian life living the lifestyle of the rich and famous and knew that fame and fortune was not the solution to lifes ills, sorrows and unfullfillments. He was equally at home ministering to one or 10,000 or a worldwide TV audience. Jesus spoke of leaving the 99 to find the lost and wounded one. Dennis moved in this Compassion from a Jesus Heart. What a rare and magnificent heart and gift he was given. Godspeed Dennis -- Forever--we sure do miss you down here! RIP

Hall of Fame Induction

Dennis Tinerino was inducted into the Muscle Beach Hall of Fame on Memorial Day, May 28th, 2012 in conjunction with the Muscle Beach Int'l Classic & Armed Forces Championship.

Dennis's widow, Anita Tinerino had this to say when notified. "If Dennis were here today, he would be elated at receiving this award. Dennis loved the sport of Bodybuilding. He put in many hours of hard work developing those rippling muscles which his fans loved. It was a way of life and he loved living it. The family is thrilled and thankful for this much-deserved award. Thank you to all the fans around the world for making this possible."

Muscle Beach Hall of Fame Inductee Dennis Tinerino

God is so good!

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