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Biography of a Mighty Man of God

Raised in the projects of Brooklyn, New York, Dennis Tinerino grew up surrounded by poverty and crime. Surrounded by his large Italian-American family, Dennis learned the ways of "the family" along with his family values. The sport of bodybuilding removed him from that environment, but it took the Lord to change the inner man. As former Mr. America, Mr. Natural Universe and four-time Mr. Universe, Dennis understood power and strength, but only in the physical sense.

Exposure and fame in bodybuilding brought acclaim in TV, movies, magazine articles, exhibitions, seminars and great success in business and every area of life. This success came with a price, however, and his efforts to maintain the lifestyle of his rich and famous friends eventually caused him to be sent to prison. There, Dennis came to know the Lord Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior of his life through the ministry of Ray McCauley. This champion body builder is now called and anointed by the Lord as a Prophet/Evangelist to partner with the Lord in helping build up His Body, the Church. Since his conversion to Jesus Christ and his call to ministry in 1979, Dennis has an understanding of real power - moving in the strength of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Dennis is a man committed to seeing individuals saved, healed and delivered by the power of God. He has a compassion for the lost and his heart is to see lives totally changed for the glory of God.

- Jerry Savelle

A minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Dennis now has a mandate as a Prophet/Evangelist, and is called to the churches and the nations. His vision is to help stir up, equip and edify believers to flow in the supernatural, overcoming power of the Holy Spirit, trusting the Lord to move in signs, wonders and miracles that follow the Word and to impart the gifts of the Spirit.

The anointing God has placed on Dennis' life takes people to new heights and depths in their personal relationship with God, helping them to enter into the presence of the Lord. At Holy Ghost meetings and revivals, many accept Jesus Christ as their Savior, and are shaken by the changing power of Jesus as the fire of God is loosed over the meetings. The Lord has blessed Dennis with the ability to impart a desire and hunger within the hearts of God's people to tap into the supernatural, miraculous realm. Many testimonies follow this ministry of God's children having received a new boldness, the Spirit of power and might.

Dennis Tinerino is a man of God with a pure heart and a strong anointing, especially in the area of evangelism. Many thousands of lives have changed through his powerful testimony and anointed ministry.

- Pastor Ray McCauley

In addition, God uses Dennis' many years of diligent bodybuilding as a vehicle to gain access to areas otherwise unattainable to others, allowing him to witness to those in the entertainment business and to professional athletes. As the Lord leads, Dennis also ministers at Bible schools, health clubs, prisons, and gyms. He has also ministered on TV and radio both here and abroad.

Anointed in the prophetic and healing ministries, this gifted preacher and soul winner travels the world, helping God's people get set free. Author of the soon to be published autobiography, "Blood, Sweat and Victory," Dennis considers himself blessed that this anointing and calling on his life is used mightily by the Lord in preparing a glorious church, ready for the second coming of the Lord - a church that will roar as God's people soar in the Spirit over darkness.


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